Does The Dualsense Have a Problem with Its Triggers?

Does The Dualsense Have a Problem with Its Triggers?

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Does The Dualsense Have a Problem with Its Triggers?

A Dual sense in gaming refers to using your sense of sight and sound to navigate through a game.

Some games, such as Dark Souls, allow players to turn their audio off and see where they should go.

The player uses sounds and visuals alone to navigate through levels without looking at an on-screen compass or map.

Players send off their DualSense controllers to fix their stick drift problems.

This is one of the most innovative gaming controllers in years.

Yes! It has a built-in haptic touchpad, complete 360-degree motion control, and SteamVR sensors to ensure your hand won’t clip through any walls or enemies in virtual reality.

But while the DualSense is doing a good job overall, it does have one major problem, Stick Drift.

This is where the thumbstick on your DualShock controller starts to drift, resulting in your player character moving by itself in-game.

This makes it hard to control where you’re going, especially if you are playing a game with lots of pacing and precision platforming.

One way to combat this problem would be to ensure your DualShock controller doesn’t get hot while playing SteamVR games.

But that would be a waste of time and money, as heating your controller will only worsen the problem.

This is where SteamVR and DualSense came together; by integrating SteamVR into the DualSense, you can play virtual reality games without worrying about having to deal with drifting thumbsticks.

The setup itself is relatively simple. There’s an additional USB cable, the under-glove USB slot on your DualShock controller, and some instructions on setting everything up.

Most DualShock owners probably don’t have a problem setting up a new gamepad, but if you do have any issues, there is a detailed step-by-step set of instructions at the end of this.

Do PS5 Triggers Wear Out?

Yes! The rate of it wearing out varies with usage, but it can happen faster if one spends a lot of time with that trigger.

For example, if you land regular body punches on the PS5, causing it to hit the ground and get damaged quickly, your only way to fix this is to replace your PS5.

As you continue to get better and improve your striking, chances are the PS5 will wear out sooner than later.

For example, one lands 100 body punches per week for six months straight. Those six months may wear out the PS5.

Does The Dualsense Have a Problem with Its Triggers?

It may last longer than six months, but it’s a good rule of thumb that if your PS5 wears out after x amount of time, you should update to a PS6 or 7.

For those who only land body punches on a rare occasion (1-2x per week), their PS5 trigger may last them longer than 6 months.

This is because the PS5 has a hard-outer shell, and only the soft inner trigger part wears out (not the hard shell).

Also, storing your PS5 in a place that is too hot or cold may shorten its lifespan. The best area to keep your PS5 will be in a box, baggie, or pillowcase to prevent any damage if it’s accidentally dropped.

Can PS5 Adaptive Triggers Break?

Yes! The triggers on modern gamepads are an obscenely sensitive thing to have on game consoles nowadays. Slight bumps and moments of inactivity can cause them to break.

With all the games that require heavy use, it’s not worth the risk.

Many PS5 owners are looking for a way around this problem, such as adding new triggers like hooking up an analog stick to act as the other trigger (but that would be impractical).

These problems are the risk of buying systems that come with a gamepad, which can be a decent option for any gamer.

Still, you’re better off with a controller if you’re planning on something other than local multiplayer or just playing in one place.

So I say, go for it. But only be caught with a spare one. You need one to play and keep on playing.

The PS5 will no doubt still have its gamepad-centered game library. I expect this from every platform, although PlayStation gamers tend to prefer controllers.

The PS5 will still have plenty of other games that don’t need the controller, and you can play with a standard gamepad.

If you’re planning on buying a PS5, then buying a spare is smart. If you’re already playing, I have bad news. You’re going to have to buy another one.

The only way around this is to protect your triggers and ensure they do not boast subjection to unnecessary stress or pressure.

Why Does the Trigger Break on The Dualsense Controllers?

Battery DepletionThe trigger breaks when the battery is too low.
The trigger does not break if you charge the battery, so it can continue to write data to the card
Connection IssueThe trigger break occurred due to a Bluetooth connection issue.
If the trigger boasts functionality, it will continue to work as usual and write data to the card.
Wrong BatteryThe trigger breaks when you insert the battery incorrectly (into the wrong slot)
Charging IssueThe battery is charging correctly, but the trigger will still break when it runs out of battery power.
Wrong ChargerDifferent chargers can charge various batteries (AA, AAA, 9V, etc.).
Some chargers reset the battery after you charge it, while others do not.
Data CorruptionThe trigger will edit data, and the battery runs out of power.
Bluetooth Connection IssueWhen the trigger is not in pairing mode, it will still write data to the card.
Data CorruptionThe data written to the card while the trigger is unpaired (not pressed when in pairing mode) can corrupt.

Can you fix the Adaptive Triggers on the Dualsense?

Yes! You can fix the adaptive triggers on the Dualsense.

  1. Pull up the menu on the gun by tapping and holding the menu button on your phone and then tap the settings.
  2. Pull down the Edit Settings menu and tap on Adaptive Triggers.
  3. Tap on the lower of the two numbers next to On to turn it off.
  4. Tap on the lower of the two numbers next to Off to turn it on.
  5. Tap the back button, and it gets done; you should now be able to disable this feature.
  6. If you want more fine-grain control, pull up the settings menu on your Dualsense, scroll down and tap App Settings. Scroll down until you see the option Adaptive Triggers. You can change the sensitivity here.
  7. Drag the dot to the left for a less sensitive trigger or to the right for a more sensitive trigger.
  8. When you finish, tap Done, and it will save your settings.

How Do You Fix Loose Triggers on The PS5 Controller?

How to FixExplanation
Turn Off Your PS5 Controller-Hold down the PS button until it turns off.
-Plug your controller into your computer’s USB cable.
-Power on your controller with the trigger held down.
Remove The Screw From PCB-Remove the four screws from the PCB.
-Disconnect the PCB from the main board.

-The PCB should pull away easily.
-Remove the screw securing the trigger.

-You may need to apply pressure with a flat-head screwdriver on top of the trigger while you unscrew it.
Put It Back Together-Screw in your loose trigger, and reattach it to your PS5’s main board
Power Cycle Your Controller-Hold down the PS button until it turns on.
-Power cycle your controller by unplugging and re-plugging in your PS5.
Test The Trigger Again-After you have cycled the controller, test the trigger to ensure it’s working.
Green Light Should Blink When Held Down ProperlyIf you still have issues with your trigger, try a different USB cable or controller than your original PS5

Does GTA 5 Use Adaptive Triggers?

Yes! GTA 5 has triggers that dynamically adjust to how you play, allowing a more exciting experience and making it harder for players to master these mechanics.

For example, the player is playing a mission, and the team is approaching an environment with many structures to enter.

More environmental events, such as alarms going off, will happen in that case. These come in designs that keep you on your toes without becoming repetitive.

However, if you play GTA 5 long enough when these triggers do not happen as often as they once did, it will start adapting to your skill level.

For example, if you are doing a mission that triggers many alarms, but now you are past these triggers because you have learned to stay stealthier and avoid these events.

The game will adapt to this new skill level by reducing the number of alarms and other encounters. This allows for a constantly changing experience rather than a set experience like an FPS would.

Does The Dualsense Have a Problem with Its Triggers?

In addition, there are some missions with a big difference in difficulty depending on how you approach them.

For example, if you’re playing a stealth mission and trying to avoid being detected by the enemies, you will have little to no chance of success if you go about it in the most aggressive and loud way.

However, if the player plays it stealthy and still manages to get caught after engaging the enemy team or going loud, the game will adapt to this skill level and improve your chances of success after next time.

Does Death Loop Use Adaptive Triggers?

No, Adaptive triggers do not use triggers with adjustable pull weights, such as the L2 trigger and the L1 trigger.

The idea is that the designs get engineered to feel so natural one could assume they were real weapons.

Custom triggers are a different story, and you can make them adapt to the user, but this is a standard feature on most modern weapons.

The primary function of a trigger is to allow the shooter to pull it down with enough force to fire the weapon.

The only difference between the two triggers is that one is the real world, and one isn’t.

In theory, if you could pull a complex shape out of your gun, you could adjust its pull weight and fire different rounds or sub-types of ammunition depending on exactly how much you pulled it.

You can use this tech trick on a real weapon to shoot different rounds. The problem is that natural triggers are complex and difficult to replicate precisely.

A perfect catalyst has the same force pull regardless of position, pressure, and orientation. This makes it very difficult to give the trigger any features or adjustable pressure points you can map to a specific ammunition type.

The L1 trigger will always have the same pull weight because it was not designed for pulling in any specific direction or way due to its shape.

The L2 and L3 triggers come in designs for pulling in a particular direction. The pull weight and trigger distance will vary depending on the pull direction.

What Is the Purpose of Adaptive Triggers On PS5?

Adds Tension To The ButtonsThe force of the trigger pull is then felt as a tightening on the spring, which provides feedback to the player
Improve AccuracyWhen you release pressure on your trigger, it immediately resets, whereas before, you would have to push it off manually, or it would not reset and stay in that partially-pressed state.
Reduce Finger FatigueThe increased tension from adaptive triggers reduces finger fatigue from pressing a button for an extended period.
Add Intensity to The ExperienceThe player can feel a button depressurizing like a firearm they are controlling, adding an extra layer of intensity to the whole experience.
Increase Player ImmersionThe player can feel the tension they are applying in the trigger every time they pull it.
It Makes Pulling the Trigger Feel More NaturalBecause a firearm is not constantly firing in real life, they have implemented something called “adaptive triggers,”

Which means that after pulling it once, it resets itself so that you can pull it multiple times without keeping your finger on the trigger.

Why Do Some Games Use Adaptive Triggers?

Extra Pull Weight AdjustmentAvoids a lack of work or trigger pull weight
Inches or millimeters of adjustment to increase the required force.
Safe And Secure From Light PullsPull with any part of your hand, not just the fingertips
Flexible shape for a more use able grip.
Positive Pull And ResetSmooth light pull that won’t let you down on the field
Fast reset and keep it consistent for your next shot
Adjustable Curve AngleAdjust the angle of the curved trigger to fit your hand more comfortably.
The 0-degree angle is flat, while others get set at 20, 30, and 40 degrees.
Durable But Not Heavy WeightedMade of plastic that lasts through many games without breaking or cracking.
The weight is 2.4 ounces, about the same as a Nerf gun trigger
Works With Most Paintball MarkersWill fit most paintball guns that have screw-adjustable triggers.

Will not fit Tippmann A5, Millennium G2, G3, and 98 Custom (with the housing removed), or other models that have a similar style trigger assembly


Dualsense boasts a high-quality, realistic controller for PlayStation 4 and other systems. It focuses on giving players a controller that withstands rugged use and is comfortable for long hours of play.


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