Are Steering Wheels for Switch Worth It?

Are Steering Wheels for Switch Worth It?

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Are Steering Wheels for Switch Worth It?

Steering wheels for the Nintendo Switch are designed to provide a more immersive and realistic driving experience when playing racing games on the console.

Whether or not a steering wheel is worth boasting about is a subjective decision that depends on your preferences and your enjoyment of racing games on the Switch.

I recently picked up a Thrust master T150 to see how well it would work for racing on the Switch, and here’s my review.

Most racing games are compatible with a wide variety of controllers, so the biggest reason for purchasing a steering wheel is the improved precision that comes from having analog controls.

I was not a big fan of using the Switch’s Joy-Cons when playing racing games.

This is because the analog sticks need to be more precise, and it felt more like driving with two digital pads than using a steering wheel and foot pedals. 

Since the Switch has no support for analog controls, you’ll need to get a third-party controller or a steering wheel to enable this feature.

The Thrust master T150 is the only steering wheel I’m aware of that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, and it is the only steering wheel on this list that supports the touch screen. 

Can You Use the Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel on Xbox One?

The Nintendo switch steering wheel is an accessory that enables you to use your Switch differently.

It allows you to drive a vehicle safely and accurately according to the game’s features. This type of game enhances your gaming experience.

No, The Nintendo Switch steering wheel is incompatible with the Xbox One. The steering wheel is designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch console and is not compatible with any other console.

If you have one of the original Xbox One controllers, which doesn’t have a directional pad, it might be consistent with the Nintendo Switch steering wheel.

But, even if it is compatible, the steering wheel’s ability to utilize it with other accessories is limited by the Switch console and not the Xbox One controller.

So, this leaves you with the need to purchase a special adapter or buy the newer Xbox One S or X controller if you want compatibility with various accessories.

When looking at the Xbox One S vs. the X, you will see a subtle difference between the two, especially regarding buttons.

The Xbox One S has a smaller sticker on the left shoulder, a smaller circular label on the back of the controller, and fewer character lines on the face.

Overall, this is designed to make it look sleeker and more streamlined.

The front of both controllers is identical, with large circular directional pads plus four new “Super” buttons placed strategically around their faces.

You use these four buttons to switch between games and Apps and return to the home screen. The X also has always-on infrared tracking designed to recognize connected accessories automatically.

Can You Use the Switch Wheel to Play Other Games?

Yes, It is possible to use the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers or the Switch Pro controller to play games on other devices, such as a PC or a smartphone.

The Switch controllers use Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices, and many games on these platforms are designed to play with a controller.

In addition to the traditional controllers, you can also play the Nintendo Switch games on one of the two Joy-Con Controllers by using a smartphone.

However, when using a smartphone to play the games, please note that some titles may not be compatible with this method.

Are Steering Wheels for Switch Worth It?

It is also possible to link Joy-Con controllers up to 3 devices. Connecting each controller to a different device makes it possible to play multiplayer games across multiple devices.

If you switch your device while the Switch game is still in play mode, the game automatically saves their progress, and you can resume on another device by pressing START.

However, if both players switch devices, you can only play the game on one of these devices.

In addition to the traditional controllers, two new Joy-Con controllers with HD rumble are included in the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Both controllers make it possible to enjoy HD rumble by holding them in each hand and squeezing the handles.

Please note that you will need to install an application on a smartphone or tablet using a USB cable to connect these devices.

What Games Are Compatible with Mario Steering Wheel?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)-Wii Moo Moo Meadows.
-GBA Mario Circuit.

-DS Cheep Cheep Beach.
-N64 Toad’s Turnpike.
Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)-Super Mario world, super Mario Kart, Dr mario
Mario Party: The Top 100 (Nintendo 3DS)-Handcar Havoc.
-Three Door Monty.

-Beach Volley Folly.
-Dinger Derby.
-Triple Jump.

-Hotel Goomba.
-Ice Hockey.
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Nintendo Wii U)-luigi super smash bros,luigi super mario
Mario Party: The Top 100 (Nintendo 3DS)-Handcar Havoc.
-Three Door Monty.

-Beach Volley Folly.
-Dinger Derby.
-Triple Jump.

-Hotel Goomba.
-Ice Hockey.
Super Mario 3D Land (Wii) (Super Mario games)-Mario Sports Mix (2010)
-Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (2011)

-Mario Party 9 (2012)
-Mario Strikers Charged (2007)
-Mario Kart Wii (2008)

-Super Paper Mario (2007)
-New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009)
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Super Mario Odyssey (Wii U)-Hyrule Warriors(3)
-Super Smash Bros. 3DS(3)

-Kirby: Planet Robobot(1)
-Super Mario Maker(1)
-Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker(3)

-Kirby and the Rainbow Curse(3)
-Mario Party 10(3)

Is Mario Kart Better with A Wheel?


Control-Controlling the kart is much more intuitive with a wheel.
-Steering is smoother and more responsive
-More difficult to bump into other karts with a regular controller
Visuals-The graphics on a TV are much clearer than on the monitor of your laptop or PC.
-Making it easier to make out items in the distance, see elevation changes and observe when other drivers may be approaching you in front of you.

-The sound effects are also clearer and more audible; you can hear the rumble of the tires against the ground and hear the squealing of rubber when you’re hit by another kart.
Multiplayer-A whole new world of gameplay for multiplayer when racing with other people on a wider variety of tracks on a bigger screen.

-The wheel is plug-and-play and easy to set up.
Tablets and PCs don’t always have the choice of an extra controller, leading to frustration from a player who needs a wheel but doesn’t have one to use.

-Easy for others to see what is going on in the game with the visuals displayed on a 75 cm TV or larger.

Does The Mario Kart Steering Wheel Work On Ps4?

Yes! The Mario Kart steering wheel can’t work on PS4. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one requires an X input to function, which is not present on the ps4 controller.

The only time you can see the Mario Kart steering wheel work is if the player uses an adapter that converts USB to analog or Bluetooth.

Still, these adapters require even more hardware and make navigating menus harder than they already are. One way to use this control is by downloading a program like Joy2Key, which emulates an Xbox controller.

The Xbox 360 controller is compatible with the PS3. The main drawback is that you will have to download software to activate it, which requires extra hardware.

If you still want to use it, update your game console to support it before using an Xbox 360 emulator on your PS4.

The Nintendo Switch allows you to use both the Wii remote and the Nintendo controller. You can do either by downloading the official Accessories App.

This will enable your remote and joystick to function as they usually would, or you can use them in a mode where they act as a single controller.

The main advantage of the Nintendo Switch over its predecessor is that you no longer have to download any software to make it work.

Is A Steering Wheel Better Than a Controller?

FactorA Steering wheelController
VersatilityWith a steering wheel, you can use the one you already have and play more games.You are restricted to the controller that came with your console, and it’s only compatible with a limited number of games
PriceA basic steering wheel starts at around $30.A basic controller is $10, while Premium controllers are much more.
Gaming ExperienceA steering wheel has more buttons that allow you to control parts of your character and emit sounds.A controller is limited to buttons and grips.
CustomizationYou can customize it with different colors, names, and logos.It is only customizable by having a picture of who you are as a gamer printed on it (White or Black).
Comfortability (For Playing)You can adjust its sensitivity, so you won’t get tired from holding it for long periods.The controller is always flat, and depending on the game, you may or may not want to use it, while with a steering wheel, you can play any game
Multiplayer AdvantagePlaying multiplayer with a steering wheel is more accessible since the person next to you doesn’t need a steering wheel too.It’s easier for multiple players to have the same controller than having all players use a different control scheme.

Can You Use the Mario Kart Steering Wheel Without Pedals?

Yes, it is possible to use a Mario Kart steering wheel without pedals.

Most Mario Kart steering wheels are designed for usage alongside the Nintendo Switch console, which does not have pedals.

Nintendo Switch steering wheels connect with the console via button inputs and the directional inputs on the steering wheel.

Mario Kart steering wheels are usually made of plastic or rubber, with a standard joystick at the top and buttons or switches on or near the base.

These buttons allow players to perform tricks using special abilities that they earn by collecting points throughout a race, such as speed boosts, shields, and even temporary invincibility.

There are other types of steering wheels explicitly designed for Mario Kart. Still, most of these are specific to the Nintendo Switch console or produced by the company Spin Master.

The best steering wheel you can use with a Nintendo Switch is made by the Power Wheel series and is compatible with the console.

It has a square design and a place for two handles, making things easier when playing with multiple players. It also has an LCD to display race statistics and, more importantly, player scores.

You can attach the steering wheel to the console via trigger buttons. This means it does not require pedals since you play the game using a combination of the left-hand trigger buttons and the right joystick.

Is Smart Steering worth it, Mario Kart 8?

Yes! Smart Steering is a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe feature that intends to make the game more accessible to players of all skill levels.

It is designed to automatically steer your kart in the correct direction, making it easier to navigate through turns and avoid obstacles.

Are Steering Wheels for Switch Worth It?

Whether or not Smart Steering is worth it depends on your personal preferences and skill level.

Some players may find it helpful in improving their accuracy and reducing the number of times they fall off the track, while others may feel that it takes away from the game’s challenge and prefer to steer their kart manually.

If you’re a beginner or casual player looking to improve your skills in the game, you might find Smart Steering helpful in getting started.

However, if you’re a more experienced player looking for a more significant challenge, you should turn off Smart Steering and try steering your kart manually.

If you struggle to steer your kart around sharp corners or off the edge of the track, try using Smart Steering to see if it helps improve your game.

If you turn it off and still find yourself falling off the way too often, try practicing in offline races until you can navigate corners without falling off.

Is There a Hidden Game on The Nintendo Switch?

There are several hidden or “Easter egg” games on the Nintendo Switch, which are secret or hard-to-find games that you can access through various means.

Such as inputting certain button combinations or accessing specific menus.

These hidden games are usually small, simple games or minigames that are included as a fun bonus for players to discover and enjoy.

Type of gameFeatures
Find Mii” Game-Go to the user page of any user on the Nintendo Switch
-Press the L and R buttons simultaneously, then press the X button

-This should take you to the main menu (the very first menu on the top left)
-Select “Find Mii”

-A 3D model of your user will appear.
-Click on this model, and a secret sub-menu will open. Here is where you can find the hidden games in full.
“Golf” Game-Go to the icon of your Nintendo Switch account page
-Click on the Golf icon
-A weird Golf game will appear. This is a very entertaining and hard-to-find hidden game.

-You can play it alone or with up to 4 other players. You can have up to 4 controllers (only one at a time).
“Ninja” Game-Go to the icon of your Nintendo Switch account page.
-Click on the Ninja icon
“Super Mario Odyssey” Game-Go to the icon of your Nintendo Switch account page
-Click on the Super Mario Odyssey icon

-Your Super Mario Odyssey game will appear.


The Nintendo Switch is among the best gaming consoles in recent years and among the best consoles of all time.

It boasts very powerful hardware and great games, and its unique features have allowed it to stand out from its predecessors.


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